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You want to cycle in East Flanders, but you do not have your own bike. Or you dont want to bring your own bikes. No problem, right? You can contact us for local bike rental for quality bicycles and additional information and advice. Below you will find a lot of information already concerning bicycle rental.


Stadsfiets 12,50 € / dag
I-go trailerbike 12,50 € / dag
Fietskoffer 50,00 € per week
Aanhangfiets 10,00 € per dag
Elektrische fiets (middenmotor) 30,00 € per dag
Elektrische fiets (voor of achtermotor) 25,00 € per dag
Mountainbike 25,00 €/dag
Aanhangkar 10,00 € per dag
Tandem 25,00 € per dag
Tijdritfiets 50,00 € per dag
Koersfiets 30,00 € per dag
Helmet 2,00 € per day
Fietsreinigen 5,00 € / rit

On Sundays and holidays it is also possible to rent bikes by appointment by mail or by phone.  Please do this a few days before you want to rent a bike.

Please bring identification with you when you want to rent a bike. If you rent a bike to the principle "What you break, what you pay" applies. We use the bicycle rental Tourism East Flanders conditions for hiring of bicycles.

We are located on Route Adriaan Brouwer, the Tour of Flanders Route (blue loop), Scheldevallei Route 2
with the Schelde Valley Route 3
in the vicinity of the Kouterroute and the Golden Eiroute
bicycle hub: 11-92 VA
Oudenaardse Bloso mountain bike with all three loops together accounted for 37km
Free parking, bicycle network and information brochures available.

Hungry for some spicy Flemish classic hills? Our shop is just a pedal stroke
away from:

-Wolvenberg at
2.1 km
3.0 km
3.5 km
3.7 km
6.4 km
7.2 km
8.0 km
-Berg te Steene  
8.0 km
-Oude Kwaremont  
9.5 km
9.5 km
10.5 km
12.0 km
12.0 km
15.4 km
BE 0881.882.329.
Bergstraat 75
9700 Oudenaarde
Tel : +32 55/31.57.40
GSM : 0475/843268
Fax : +32 55/31.99.97
IBAN : BE62 390 063 244 661

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